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G Fuel makes a custom mini fridge like ADVANCEDgg but prices it at $599

G Fuel Mini Fridge

Accessories and merchandise come in all shapes and sizes from supplement companies, although there have been a few that have gone above and beyond, and put together some truly high-priced pieces for the most loyal of fans. We just saw growing gaming brand ADVANCEDgg release its custom 48-can mini fridge, which managed to sell out in under two hours, despite carrying the premium price of $489.99.

Fellow gaming supplement competitor G Fuel has just followed suit, announcing the upcoming launch of its own branded mini fridge, and it’s a similar size to ADVANCEDgg’s with dimensions of 18″ x 18″ x 20″. G Fuel says you can fit 24 cans of the G Fuel energy drink in its piece of merchandise, half of what ADVANCEDgg says it can squeeze in; however, the ADVANCEDgg beverage does come in a slimmer 12oz can.

While ADVANCEDgg and G Fuel’s mini fridges are seemingly similar, their prices are not; as mentioned, ADVANCEDgg sold its product and took pre-orders at $489.99, while G Fuel goes substantially higher to $599. You can currently only sign up to be notified when the G Fuel mini fridge drops, as it’s not yet available, but when it does drop, it’ll also have two flavor-themed color options to choose from in Hype Sauce and Doodle.

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