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Gatorade gets into gummies with recovery and immune health supporting products

Gatorade Gummies Recovery and Immune Support

Gummy supplements are becoming more and more popular by the month or even by the week, and it’s not only well-established brands already in the industry getting in on the trend. Hydration beverage giant Gatorade has just introduced two functional gummy products under its Gatorade Gummies Series, named after their primary benefits in Recovery and Immune Support.

Like most gummy supplements designed to support health and wellness benefits, the first two Gatorade Gummies products rely on just a few key ingredients. The sports nutrition brand’s Recovery gummies come with 480mg of exercise recovery-supporting tart cherry, which is a solid amount and even more impressive as, typically, gummies aren’t that great in dosages.

Gatorade Gummies Recovery

Gatorade’s Immune Support gummies have a selection of common immune health ingredients in a moderate 90mg of vitamin C, 10mcg of vitamin D, 50mcg of selenium, and 3.3mg of zinc. All of those dosages mentioned for Recovery and Immune Support are squeezed into a two gummy serving, each in its own flavor, with Recovery being Cherry and Immune Support Citrus.

There is, of course, some nutrition to the Gatorade Gummies supplements, with Recovery and Immune Support having the same 6g of carbohydrates per two gummy serving with 5g of that added sugar and a calorie count of 25.

Both of the Gatorade Gummies supplements are available for purchase straight from the legacy brand’s online store at at $25.99 for bottles of 30 servings to supply you for a full month. For a limited time, Gatorade is also offering 10% off your order using the coupon code “GUMMIES10”, which doesn’t discount the products too much down to $23.39 a bottle.