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Colorful King Kongin energy drink getting a much-needed second flavor

King Kongin Energy Drink

The number of competitors in the energy drink category continues to grow, some only coming onto the scene recently, and some older but just getting recognition and notoriety. The colorful King Kongin Energy is one of those beverages that’s been around for a bit, launching back during the first year of the pandemic in 2020, and it has made it onto the Stack3d radar this month.

You can get a look at the King Kongin energy drink in the image above, and it is indeed a colorful product. The beverage, of course, features an illustration of King Kong on the can in a vibrant mix of blue and pink. The formula behind King Kongin is relatively simple, promoted as a multivitamin energy drink, although we couldn’t find a panel to see exactly everything that’s in the product.

Based on the brand’s own description, the key features of the King Kongin energy drink are a blend of B vitamins, taurine, and a reasonably low 116mg of caffeine, or at least low next to the likes of Bang, RAZE, and even Ghost Energy. The product is sugar-free, although again, we can’t find the back panel, so we’re not sure about any of its other numbers or what kind of calorie count it has.

You can get King Kongin from the online giant Amazon in an original flavor, which is said to be a cotton candy taste, at a price of $29.99 for a case of 12, and these are the slim and sleek 12oz cans, not the usual 16oz. While that cotton candy is the only flavor for the beverage right now, there is said to be another joining soon, adding some much-needed variety in Mango Pineapple.