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Christmassy Cinnamon Sugar Cookie coming to Like A Pro’s protein for the holiday season

Like A Pro Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Whey Isolate

Week by week, we edge closer and closer to the season of giving, with Christmas roughly two and a half months away. Several sports nutrition brands have already shown their level of spirit and revealed or released a holiday-themed flavor or product. Jeff Long’s reputable brand, Like A Pro Supplements, is the latest, announcing the coming of a special edition flavor of its premium whey isolate-based protein powder.

Jeff Long and Like A Pro Supplements have taken the classic cookie treat, Cinnamon Sugar Cookie, and turned it into a flavor of its lean and nutritious Whey Isolate. Being Christmas-themed, the product is only going to be around for a limited time, and it says so down the side of its label. It’ll be available sometime next month, giving fans plenty of time to get their hands on the flavor of protein powder in the lead-up to the big day.

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