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PewDiePie’s wife Marzia reskins his G Fuel flavor for his birthday

Marzia Reskin Of Pewdiepie G Fuel

Gaming brand G Fuel is no stranger to teaming up with famous individuals and gaming personalities to create special edition products, including the incredibly famous YouTuber PewDiePie. The pair have collaborated multiple times, and this week they are doing it once again. G Fuel has announced that one of PewDiePie’s flavors, Lingonberry, has been reskinned by his wife Marzia to celebrate his upcoming birthday on October 24th.

The new look comes in a limited edition collectors box containing the remastered tub and a matching shaker. The new look is sure to be popular, so fans of the flavor or the husband and wife duo should get in quick; as mentioned, this is a limited-time drop. For now, G Fuel is asking fans to join a waitlist to be notified once the collector’s box goes live. Each box will cost you $39.99, and you can join the waitlist by visiting the brand’s website.

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