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Rebranded and reformulated Morphobrain adds several new ingredients including Sabroxy

Morphogen Nutrition Morphobrain

Morphogen Nutrition has been gradually rebranding all of the many advanced sports nutrition supplements in its lineup since earlier in the year, revamping the likes of the pre-workouts Alphagen and Volugen. Some of the products have just been changed cosmetically, with their labels getting the brand’s new and more modern look, and some have been transformed inside and out.

The nootropic supplement Morphobrain is another one of Morphogen Nutrition’s complex products that have been rebranded in 2022 and undergone a few tweaks to its ingredients and dosages. We’ve got the facts panel for the focus and cognition-supporting supplement below, where very little of the formula has remained; in fact, the brand has carried over only two ingredients from the original.

The goal of Morphogen Nutrition’s latest iteration of Morphobain is to improve and enhance mental focus, cognition, mood, memory, and brain health with a mostly fresh new set of ingredients compared to its predecessor. The two components fans will recognize from the previous Morphobrain are a sizeable one-gram dose of the mushroom lion’s mane and a solid 300mg of bacopa monnieri.

Morphogen Nutrition Morphobrain Label

Everything else Morphogen Nutrition has packed into Morphobrain was not in the original, with 300mg of the common focus-enhancer alpha-GPC, 360mg of ginkgo biloba, and 400mg of the very rarely used celastrus extract. The sixth and final entry in the formula is 100mg of the premium and proven Sabroxy, another uncommon nootropic component that has shown in studies exactly how reliable and effective it can be.

The revamped and Sabroxy-infused Morphobrain is not in stock and available yet from Morphogen Nutrition’s online store, but it is listed as coming sometime soon. Like all of the reputable brand’s premium sports nutrition supplements, the price of Morphobrain, when it does eventually become available, will be $56, and that is for a bottle of the usual 30 servings to last you a full month.