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Extensive Winter Soldier Series is also going to have a dedicated carbohydrate product

Naughty Boy Carb3

If you’ve been following the news from Naughty Boy here at Stack3d, you’ll know it’s been all about the return of the brand’s seasonal Winter Soldier Series. The line is a limited edition selection of supplements, which last year consisted of four items. The brand is bringing back the Winter Soldier Series for another winter, but this time it consists of a lot more products.

Over the past few weeks, Naughty Boy has been sharing many of those upcoming supplements from the returning Winter Soldier Series, including different versions of Menace and Sick Pump, and the all-new Blackout. Today we have details on another completely new entry from the Winter Soldier family named Carb3, a relatively straightforward carbohydrate-based formula.

Carb3 from Naughty Boy’s second Winter Soldier Series brings together three premium sources of carbohydrates in Cluster Dextrin HBCD, Palatinose, and d-ribose. They combine to provide 48g of carbohydrates in a 50g serving and about 192 calories, and seeing as it’s only carbs in the product, fans can seamlessly stack Carb3 with any of the brand’s other supplements.

Naughty Boy is planning to release its Winter Soldier Series Carb3 sometime soon, like the bunch of other products in the collection, and it will be available in a variety of flavors. The options filling out the performance and endurance-fueling supplement’s menu are Mango & Passionfruit, Strawberry Melon, and Coconut & Mango, with, unfortunately, no unflavored.