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Overnight oats brand ONO gets closer to its fans in its Taste Tester program

Ono Taste Tester Program

Insider groups or fan-based programs are a fun and exciting way for those that appreciate and regularly buy from a brand to get further involved and interact on a more intimate level. Overnight oats specialist ONO is putting together exactly that, announcing its Taste Tester group, where it gives loyal followers the chance to try new and potentially upcoming flavors of its signature product.

The idea of the program is for ONO to get feedback on unreleased options for its simple, convenient, and nutritious protein oats product, and possibly tweak or improve the recipe from there. There is a Taste Tester page on the brand’s website where we believe you’re meant to be able to sign up, although, on the few occasions we’ve visited it, we just see a title and a pixelated flavor of ONO’s overnight oats.

We’re not sure if the Taste Tester page is broken or maybe even closed due to too many submissions; either way, ONO’s insider group is a thing and an awesome opportunity to get closer to its fans. The brand is actually planning to release its first flavor creation to its Taste Testers this week, so it’s well worth getting in on and proof that ONO intends to get things going with the group as soon as possible.

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