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Optimum Nutrition UK introduces its Informed Sport certified Elite Series

Optimum Nutrition Uk Elite Series

Optimum Nutrition doesn’t have the same supplements available in every corner of the world, even in major markets like the UK, Europe, and Australia. Several places have exclusive products, flavors, and versions you won’t find anywhere else, with the UK adding another interesting offering this week that we haven’t seen anywhere else in the world.

The UK side of Optimum Nutrition has introduced the Elite Series, which is a selection of ten of its best-selling and well-known supplements that have been given the reputable Informed Sport certification. Informed Sport is a testing program that specific products go through to check for absolutely any banned substances from the World Anti-Doping Agency.

The Informed Sport stamp is not on the regular non-Elite Series versions of the Optimum Nutrition supplements, and the Elite Series is exclusive to the brand’s UK online store at The list of products includes Gold Standard Pre-Workout, the legendary protein powder Gold Standard 100% Whey, and the hybrid amino formula AmiNO Energy.