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Lifestyle brand Protein World creates a fat burner and the formula is not too bad

Protein World Slender X

Protein World in the UK does dabble in some of your more common sports nutrition categories, like pre-workout and weight loss, on top of its extensive selection of nutrition-based supplements like Slender Blend and Slender Mug Cake Mix. This week it has a new competitor in one of those more mainstream spaces with the flavored fat-burning product Slender X.

While Protein World has some traditional sports nutrition supplements, none of them are overly complex, relying on simple and straightforward formulas, which is somewhat the case here in Slender X. The lifestyle brand has designed the product to increase energy, enhance focus, and support weight loss, and it has a reasonable set of ingredients to do that.

Protein World’s Slender X comes with 100mg each of theacrine, yerba mate, alpha lipoic acid, and choline bitartrate, 200mg each of green tea and guarana, half a gram of taurine, B vitamins, and a respectable gram of the focus-powering tyrosine. Like most fat burners, caffeine is in the mix with Slender X at a solid 250mg per serving, which is plenty to elevate energy.

Despite the formula’s simplicity driving Protein World’s Slender X, it still has a fairly typical price tag, sitting between 30 to 40 USD at £32 (35.48 USD). We don’t see it listed anywhere on the weight loss supplement itself or its product page, but we’re guessing Slender X has the usual 30 servings, and for flavor, we can’t see that mentioned anywhere either.