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Raw announces its limited Thavage pre-workout named Christopher’s Secret Stuff

Raw Nutrition Christophers Secret Stuff

Raw Nutrition and Chris Bumstead have done some creative releases since the Olympia Classic champion became an owner, although this Wednesday, we’re getting its most intriguing effort to date. The brand has revealed a supplement put together in partnership with Chris Bumstead for his CBUM Series and for one of the most competitive categories out there.

Launching this Wednesday is a limited edition version of Raw Nutrition Chris Bumstead’s comprehensive stimulant pre-workout Thavage, but it goes by the entertaining name of Christopher’s Secret Stuff. You can see what the product looks like in the image above, where the brand has given it a different label design compared to the regular Thavage, with an all black label and red lid.

While Raw Nutrition hasn’t openly said it, from what we can tell, Christopher’s Secret Stuff is a special edition flavor of Thavage or potentially an already available flavor with a different label. We haven’t seen the facts panel, but again, the brand has said it’s a version of Thavage, and the weight of Secret Stuff is within the variance of the other flavors of the pre-workout, leading us to believe that it has the usual Thavage formula.

As mentioned, Raw Nutrition and Chris Bumstead aren’t wasting any time from reveal to release, and are making the limited-time Thavage, Christopher’s Secret Stuff, available for purchase this Wednesday. You’ll be able to grab it directly from the reputable brand through its online store, where before discount, a tub of 20 servings of Thavage will cost you $49.99.