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Rule One leaves a lot to the imagination in the first teaser for its next new product

Rule One Mystery Product

Protein specialist Rule One has dropped a teaser for its next all-new supplement, and it is leaving a lot up to the imagination. You can see the image the brand has shared above, and as mentioned, it doesn’t have all that much information. There is enough to give us a couple of clues, although at this point, with so little to go off, it is anyone’s guess.

Rule One’s first teaser for a product that is said to be coming sometime soon features what appears to be a traditional protein powder tub and a moderately sized bag. That is where the clues end and based purely on that; we’re guessing the brand is getting ready to release some sort of protein-powered supplement, which is, of course, a very broad type.

The mysterious Rule One product could be something as straightforward as a protein powder or something more advanced and complex in a comprehensive meal replacement. The teaser does include the name of one of the supplement’s flavors in Vanilla Ice Cream; another point that leads to the possibility of something protein-based, as vanilla is a common flavor of protein products like powders and mass gainers.

We’ll have more information on Rule One’s latest supplement creation shortly, as once again, the brand has said it plans on launching the product shortly, and there may even be one more teaser before that.

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