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SmartSweets says it’ll make candy corn if it gets 10,000 likes and it ends up with 12,000

Smart Sweets Candy Corn

Better-for-you candy brand SmartSweets has taken several familiar sweets and treats, and created minimal-sugar, low-calorie versions while still tasting great. Some of the notable products making up the functional company’s lineup include Peach Rings, the Swedish Fish-like Sweet Fish, Cola Gummies, the classic Gummy Bears, and one of our favorites, Red Twists.

It now appears as though SmartSweets is turning another traditional treat into an impressively low-sugar and calorie product, at least, that is what it sounds like based on its recent post to Instagram. The creative brand shared an image on the social media platform of a Tweet asking which sweet it should kick sugar out of next, with images of four Halloween classics.

Smart Sweets Candy Corn

The caption on Instagram then said, “If this gets 10,000 likes by tomorrow, we’ll make #KickSugar Candy Corn.” Unsurprisingly, the post has gone on to get a lot more than 10,000 likes, getting up over 12,000; either way, it’s more than that initial goal. If we’re taking SmartSweets at its word, then that would mean a better-for-you candy corn is coming at some point.

We imagine SmartSweets will share some sort of confirmation or announcement, and we have to assume this wasn’t something the brand didn’t see coming. With a following as strong and as loyal as it has and Instagram posts regularly hitting several thousand like, this shouldn’t surprise SmartSweets, as it was not only a possibility but very likely to happen.