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Joint looks to be the next category Soul Performance is bringing its formulation talent to

Soul Performance Nutrition Potential Joint Product

Soul Performance Nutrition is a very premium brand that has carefully picked the categories it competes in and gradually launched entirely new supplements over the past year or so. In its short time on the market, it has expanded from its original hydration product Electrolyte Endurance Powder into superfood with Essence Active Greens, sleep with Oasis Midnight Dream, and beauty with Bliss Revitalize Collagen.

It is about that time again when Soul Performance Nutrition prepares to introduce another completely new supplement, and it has started the process with a teaser. It comes in the form of a drawn-over image of the upcoming product which you can see pictured above, covered with the words “time cast a spell on you”, and alongside the caption “Redefining the connection between health and performance again.”

In the mostly covered teaser image from Soul Performance Nutrition, on the supplement itself, you can see the highlight “formulated to support active lifestyle” and near the title, what appears to be the word “joint”. Based on all of the information and the specialized categories the brand likes to hit, we’re taking a guess and saying the fifth Soul Performance product will be a comprehensive joint support formula.

Soul Performance Nutrition has done nothing but surprise and impress with each of the supplements it has come out with, and if joint health is its next target, once again, we can’t wait to see what the team has cooked up.