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Awards season begins next week with Protein Wars details and Brand Of The Year nominees

Protein Wars Championship Ring

That time of year is fast approaching, and by that, we don’t mean Christmas, which is right around the corner, but what we’re talking about is awards season here at Stack3d. This is where we tie together our annual protein powder showdown Protein Wars and our Brand Of The Year Awards, which involves several categories outside of the prestigious Overall Brand Of The Year.

The first order of business is the details of the Protein Wars, which we’re announcing early next week, and it is going to involve something we haven’t done before for the competition. It won’t really change the way things are done, but it adds a new level to it. Our custom Protein Wars championship ring is already in production, and you can get a glimpse of it in the image above.

As for our Brand Of The Year Awards, we’re going to be following a similar format to years prior, where we announce the nominees, category by category, then the winner. The categories are Functional Food Brand Of The Year, Energy Drink Brand Of The Year, International Brand Of The Year, Newcomer Of The Year, and finally, the biggest of them all, Brand Of The Year.

We’ll be announcing the nominees of the first category on Wednesday of next week, then the next one the week after, until we get to the sixth week, where on Wednesday, the 7th of December, we’ll begin announcing the winners week by week. Several sports nutrition companies and functional brands have put in some impressive effort, and we can’t wait to reward them all.

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