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V1 Nutra’s upcoming Nitrum 2.0 will have a flavor collaboration with Austin Cole

V1 Nutra Nitrum 2 Austin Cole Flavor

V1 Nutra recently revealed that near the end of the month, specifically Saturday the 29th of October, it is releasing a new and presumably improved version of its pump pre-workout Nitrum. While we await the reveal of the formula, which, again, is suspected to be better than the original, the brand has come out and confirmed an exciting feature of the upcoming supplement.

V1 Nutra has announced that alongside the rollout of what it is referring to as Nitrum 2.0, will be a special edition collaboration with fitness influencer Austin Cole. From what we can tell, it will be a Mango Boba Tea flavor of Nitrum, created in partnership with Cole. What we don’t know is if the formula will be the same or have some personal tweaks to make it that extra bit special.

Either way, V1 Nutra is going all out for the collaboration with Austin Cole, giving the Mango Boba Tea Nitrum an alternative label design, which you can see for yourself in the image above, featuring a stylized image of Cole himself. Again, the ambassador collaboration will be going live on V1 Nutra’s website with the standard flavors of Nitrum 2.0 in a little more than two weeks.

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