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Vayu doubles the serving size and almost the price for its premium pre-workout Nitro X

Vayu Nitro X

ESN’s more hardcore brand Vayu has released a premium version of its original stimulant-free pre-workout Nitro called Nitro X. It is a step up from the regular version, featuring a wider variety of ingredients and some significantly more robust dosages. The premium approach is also reflected in the price of the pre-workout, with Nitro costing €49 (47.90 USD) while Nitro X is almost double at €89 (87 USD).

Vayu’s Nitro X has all of the ingredients found in Nitro with most of them at much higher amounts, such as citrulline malate bumped up to 10g from 8g a serving and arginine HCl increased from 3g to 5g. Where the pre-workout really separates itself from the original is the new additions to the formula, as there is a whole bunch of ingredients in Nitro X that you won’t find in Nitro, and that all justify the heightened price point.

Some of the highlighted components that have been thrown in for the premium Nitro X pre-workout are 2g each of betaine and GlycerMax glycerol to further power pumps, a hefty 10g of glutamine, a huge 1.2g of the Green Select superfood blend, a gram of pomegranate, 100mg of Care300 mango fruit powder, and joining the already present AstraGin, is another absorption enhancer with BioPerine black pepper.

Vayu Nitro X Red

More advanced pre-workout alternatives have been a trend in the sports nutrition industry over the past couple of years, with many competitors creating a supplement for those interested in spending more money on their pre-workout to get more. Nitro X is ESN and Vayu’s answer to that, and interestingly, like the original, this is still a stimulant-free pre-workout, making it one of the first premium stim-frees we’ve come across.

ESN is currently rolling out its higher-priced pre-workout Nitro X in its home country of Germany, and there are actually two versions of the supplement; however, they are both the same. The premium brand has launched Nitro X in a 27-serving tub size and in the one Blood Orange flavor, which can be found featuring a grey on black label or red on white, again both featuring all of the same ingredients and dosages.