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Viterna puts over 100g of protein in a serving of its high-calorie Hardcore Mass Gain

Viterna Hardcore Mass Gainer

The occasionally hardcore sports nutrition brand Viterna from Sweden, has shown its hardcore side again this month, introducing an all-new supplement wearing its more intense red, white and black branding. The product is named Hardcore Mass Gainer, confirming it’s for the brand’s more hardcore audience right out of the gate, and it’s named after its category of high-calorie mass protein powders.

A full serving of Viterna’s Hardcore Mass Gainer tips the scales at an absolutely huge 320g, so before we go any further, you already know this is up there in carbohydrates and calories. Each of those hefty servings provides 108g of protein, far more than any other gainer we’ve come across, with 160g of carbohydrates, 19.2g of that sugar, 25.6g of fat, and for the calories, it is indeed quadruple digits at 1,322.

That protein count is, once again, incredibly high, as while we have seen competitors in the mass protein market get up to 1,322 calories and beyond, they typically keep the protein around 50 to 60 and use excess carbohydrates to hit the big numbers. That is clearly not the case here, as while Hardcore Mass Gainer does have plenty of carbohydrates, a lot of its calories are from protein, 32% of them, in fact.

Viterna has added some bonus features to Hardcore Mass Gainer, infusing it with enzymes to support and improve digestion, and a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals for general health. The immensely high-protein and calorie-dense gainer is available now in the brand’s home country of Sweden in 2.2kg bags with several flavors to choose from, including the likes of Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, and Vanilla.

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