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Clinically proven blend DailyZz takes the lead in Weider’s sleep supporting zzZMA Night

Weider Zzzma Night

Popular European brand Weider has released a nighttime supplement, although it’s not quite as complex as the three well-put-together products recently revealed or released from Apollon, Like A Pro, and Arms Race. Weider’s zzZMA Night features a relatively simple combination of ingredients, including, of course, ZMA — zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6 — and just a couple of other key ingredients to provide sleep benefits.

Alongside the ZMA, Weider’s zzZMA Night comes with 100mg of quercetin, a very light half a milligram the incredibly reliable and effective melatonin, and finally, to elevate the effectiveness of the supplement, there is 25mg of the premium absorption enhancer AstraGin. There is one other prominent component in zzZMA Night, and that is DailyZz, a clinically studied branded plant extract blend promoted to improve your quality of sleep and ensure you wake up refreshed and revitalized.

As mentioned, zzZMA Night is not anything supremely advanced or complex, but it appears to have enough to have some sort of positive effect on sleep, especially with that sizeable 485mg of premium DailyZz. Weider is planning to begin rolling out zzZMA Night shortly in its home country of Germany and any other retail partner within reach around Europe that will allow the sleep-supporting product to be sold on shelves.