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Legendary Whey Gourmet makes a competitively priced isolate just for Costco

Whey Gourmet Isolate Protein Powder

The incredibly long-running brand and protein powder, Whey Gourmet, available in many different sports nutrition stores and stockists across Canada, has just landed itself an all-new supplement. The self-titled Whey Gourmet has been the one and only product from the brand for some time, featuring a reliable whey blend formula, cost-effective price, and a great selection of flavors.

The second protein just launched by Whey Gourmet is named Whey Gourmet Isolate, which is indeed a more premium and lean, grass-fed, whey isolate-based supplement. It has the same calories per serving as the regular Whey Gourmet at 120, but 25% more protein at 25g per serving, again, all from grass-fed whey isolate.

Another key point of Whey Gourmet’s all-new Whey Gourmet Isolate is that it’s exclusive to the giant membership retailer Costco in Canada, so obviously, it is incredibly competitive in price. For a large 2kg tub of a hefty 67 servings, the product will cost you $79.99 (59.19 USD) from but goes as low as $68 (50.32 USD) if you head to one of the many locations and grab it in store.

At $50 USD for a tub of 67 servings of whey isolate, each providing the usual 25g of protein, that is indeed a bargain. Costco in Canada currently has two flavors available for the supplement, both traditional tastes in Chocolate and Vanilla, and both of which have the same lean nutrition profile of 25g of protein and 120 calories.