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Europe’s XXL joins the list of brands with their own ground coffee product

Xxl Nutrition Coffee

Over the past few years, we’ve seen an interesting trend where sports nutrition brands come out with their own ground coffee, including the likes of Outbreak, MAN Sports, and Chaos and Pain. Retailer and brand XXL Nutrition has joined that list this month, introducing its simply-named Coffee, which doesn’t have any twist of functional spin; it is just straightforward ground coffee.

XXL Nutrition’s Coffee comes in two versions, Cafe Creme and Strong, and they separate themselves by taste. Cafe Creme promises a milder coffee flavor with hints of chocolate and nuts, while Strong is, of course, a stronger experience with earthy spices, cocoa, and caramel. You can grab either product directly from the brand’s website in large 1kg bags, and a price of £14.75 (16.48 USD).

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