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Fruit-filled Frulove line from All Nutrition expands into sauces

All Nutrition Frulove Sauce

Frulove Sauce is the latest functional innovation from the European brand All Nutrition, known heavily for its delicious, no added sugar, low-calorie spread Nutlove. Frulove was actually an already established family of products from All Nutrition with the likes of Frulove In Jelly and Frulove Mousse, with the theme across them being that they’re made with fruit.

The fruit-filled angle continues into All Nutrition’s new Frulove Sauce, which is, of course, a sauce, and it is as much as 80% fruit. Due to that recipe, there is some nutrition to the product, mostly carbohydrates at 2.2g of carbohydrates in a 15ml serving, over half of that sugar, none added, practically zero fat, and a relatively low calorie count sitting between seven and eight.

There are three flavors available for All Nutrition’s Frulove Sauce, all sweet and refreshing fruity options made with multiple fruits in Mango Passionfruit, Tropical, and Pear Cherry Apple. You can grab any of the new Frulove products from the brand’s many retailers throughout Europe, including its own website, where a 500ml bottle is 32.90 RON (6.74 USD).