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Protein nut butter brand American Dream turns its attention to the world of cookies

American Dream Cookie Company

A few months ago, entrepreneur Lea Hurley and her high-protein nut butter brand American Dream, expanded into a very different industry with the first-ever American Dream Coffee House. It is located at the Hamilton Town Center in Noblesville, Indiana, and daily, it serves up espresso drinks, tea, blended beverages, brewed coffee, and its original protein-packed nut butter.

American Dream is now getting into another industry, although this time, it’s not as much of a stretch or departure from the delicious nut butter. Up next from Lea Hurley and her growing brand is the American Dream Cookie Company. It is going to be a line of incredibly mouthwatering cookies, some of them high in protein and others flavor-focused, and referred to as indulgent cookies.

American Dream Cookie Company Close Up

The cookies have been available at the American Dream Coffee House for some time, but the American Dream Cookie Company looks to be packaging them up and making them available to order outside of the physical store. We’re not sure what the entire nutrition profiles are on the protein cookies, but they have a solid amount of protein at 23 to 27g, while the indulgent cookies are not high in protein but up there in calories due to the great taste.

Based on how good the nut butter is and how incredibly delicious the cookies look in images, we can’t help but be excited for the launch of American Dream Cookie Company. There is no set debut date or timeframe for the brand and its promising protein and indulgent cookies, only that they’ll be here soon and available through the separate website,