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Intriguing bag-packaged supplement from Apollon sneaking out before the end of the year

Apollon Mystery Bagged Product

Apollon Nutrition has had an absolutely loaded year, dropping several supplements evenly spread across 2022, from new and improved formulas to completely new categories. Even though the start of 2023 is right around the corner at about seven weeks away, the hardcore sports nutrition brand is not slowing; in fact, it’s ramping things up, squeezing more hype and excitement into the last couple of months of the year.

One of the products from the handful Apollon Nutrition is planning to roll out before the end of 2022 is the mystery product pictured above, with virtually no clues or hints available outside of its silhouette. The only detail we have to go alongside the clearly bagged supplement is its weight of 210g, suggesting this is not any sort of protein powder, meal replacement, or gainer, which is the usual bag packaged product.

With very little to go off right now, we don’t have any guesses or directions we’re confident in, although, again, there are only seven weeks left in the year, so we should be finding out what the mystery Apollon Nutrition supplement is all about sometime soon.

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