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Big makes biscuit-inspired Mowgly flavors for two of its protein powders

Big Mowgly Biscuit Flavors

Big in Spain has released a tasty biscuit-inspired flavor named Mowgly, which we’ve seen before from its sister product, the delicious and smooth WTF Protein Cream. The sports nutrition-focused Big has created its Mowgly flavor for more than just a single supplement, and it hasn’t done just the one traditional milk chocolate biscuit experience.

Now available from the creative Spanish company Big is Mowgly Chocolate for the plant-based protein powder Vegan Amino+ featuring real chocolate biscuit pieces throughout the product. Alongside that is Mowgly Chocolate and Mowgly White Chocolate for the slow-release protein powder Micellar Casein, also with biscuit pieces thrown.

If you’re at all familiar with Big and its ever-growing family of sports nutrition supplements and enjoyable flavors, you’ll know the Mowgly biscuit creations fit right in and go nicely with the options already on Vegan Amino+ and Micellar Casein’s menus. You can grab both products straight from the brand’s website at their usual respective prices.

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