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Functional innovator Bombbar expands its Chikalab brand into baby supplements

Bombbar Chikalab Baby Supplements

Functional Brand Of The Year nominee for 2022, Bombbar, has expanded into all sorts of areas and formats in the time we’ve been following, mostly functional foods with several innovative creations. This month the Russian brand is moving into another part of the supplement industry, one it had previously not reached into with products specifically for children.

Under its Chikalab brand, Bombbar has introduced Chikalab Baby, consisting of two kids’ supplements, both of which are basic standalone items and are based on two crucial ingredients. There is Baby Omega-3 featuring a combined 150mg of DHA and EPA per serving for eye and brain development, and Baby Vitamin D3 with 1mcg of the title ingredient per serving.

The format of these supplements is interesting and quite different from anything we’ve seen before. The delivery system translates to ampoules, and judging by pictures, the process is you twist the ends off these miniature gels, then pour out the contents. Bombbar doesn’t say anything about a flavor, so presumably, you mix it with some sort of food or drink.

Bombbar has priced its Chikalab Baby products very similar, with Baby Omega-3 coming in at 690₽ (11.08 USD) and Baby Vitamin D3 at 590₽ (9.48 USD). Both supplements have 60 single gels or ampoules per bottle, and they come with specific instructions on how to dose and serve the products at particular ages.