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Coastal Formulas is another growing brand that’s just jumped into the superfood category

Coastal Formulas Super Greens

The growing Coastal Formulas is yet another sports nutrition brand entering the superfood space, following White Lion Labs Greens+Fiber and Myogenix Myovite Super Greens. Coastal’s competitor is actually named the same as Myogenix’s supplement, as well as Glaxon and BEAM’s, with Super Greens, featuring greens and a host of other health and wellness components.

Coastal Formulas’ Super Greens delivers on its name with a 2.5g blend of greens, including the likes of wheat grass, kale, chlorella, and alfalfa. Alongside all of that, the brand has thrown in an enzyme complex to support digestion, a reasonably sized antioxidant blend made up of various berries and beets, and, lastly, a dedicated 250mg blend to support and strengthen immune health.

Super Greens from Coastal Formulas takes a slightly more complex approach to the superfood category, putting more than just fruits and greens into the supplement, making for a nice and well-rounded competitor.

Coastal Formulas is now stocking Super Greens in its online store at, sitting beside its handful of other products, such as the pre-workout Shark Attack and protein powder ISO-Wave. Directly from the brand, its superfood debut costs $39.99 for a rather odd-sized 35 servings, so a touch more than the usual 30 in the one refreshingly fruity Barracuda Berry flavor.