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Newest Functional Chocolate Co recipe made to help with everyday aches and pains

Functional Chocolate Painfree Chocolate

Functional Chocolate Co is indeed a functional food company that has put a spin on the classic block of chocolate, infusing the treat with various ingredients for added health and wellness type benefits. The chocolate is made with Fair Trade 60% cacao providing typical chocolate macros; then you have the functional twist with products like Sleepy Chocolate which has chamomile, PharmaGABA, and valerian root to help with sleep.

There is quite a selection of chocolates available from Functional Chocolate Co, and again, each has its own individual set of benefits it’s designed to provide. This month the creative company has rolled out another option for its fans, introducing Vanilla Chai-flavored Painfree Chocolate. Functional Chocolate’s latest recipe aims to support everyday aches and pains with turmeric, white willow bark, boswellia, MSM, hops, quercetin, and passion flower.

Painfree Chocolate basically brings together a combination of ingredients often seen in joint support supplements, although, like the other products in the Functional Chocolate Co lineup, we don’t know the dosages of any of those components. The aches and pains-supporting Painfree Chocolate is available straight from the brand’s online store at $7.89 for a 1.75oz block, with no automatically discounted bundle incorporating it yet.