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Liver Synergy, Goon Energy flavors and more planned for Glaxon’s third birthday

Glaxon Liver Synergy

In a couple of days, it is Glaxon Day, or more specifically, Glaxon’s Birthday, celebrating an impressive three years at the reputable, reliable, and advanced sports nutrition brand. Glaxon has had an incredible run in its short time on the market, winning our Newcomer Of The Year award and Brand Of The Year last year, and for good reason, as it continues to keep things exciting, interesting, and innovative.

For its third birthday, Glaxon is celebrating in a big way, dropping a bunch of new products and bringing back a past limited edition launch. The list of releases will include two new flavors of the gaming supplement Goon Energy in Pomeberry Gummy and Strawberry Punch, and the improved version of Super Shrooms, featuring a new look and infused with the premium antioxidant MitoPrime.

Alongside the flavor extensions and Super Shrooms V2 will be the return of Tranquility in its one-of-a-kind Honey Bourbon flavor, and the introduction of the completely new product, Liver Synergy. As the name of Liver Synergy suggests, it is dedicated to supporting liver health and protecting the vital organ, or as the brand describes on the label of the supplement, it is a hepatoprotectant.

In short, Glaxon’s third birthday celebration, or Goon Day, is going to be one for the books, and while there is plenty of excitement from the product drops like Super Shrooms V2 and Liver Synergy, there will be just as much action on the sale side. The brand is going to have a strong 35% off all of its apparel, accessories, and supplements through its online store at, plus stickers and freebies.