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Glaxon formulates Liver Synergy entirely for complete liver health and function

Glaxon Liver Synergy

Goon Day, or Glaxon’s birthday, is here, the 11th of the 11th month in the year, and it is celebrating big with 35% off everything in its online store plus a free shirt in orders over $75. To make the occasion that extra bit special, the Brand Of The Year for 2021 has launched several products, including the entirely new liver support supplement Liver Synergy.

As with all of Glaxon’s products, Liver Synergy is the combination of several reliable and effectively dosed ingredients, with everything geared towards the main goal, which, this time around, is to support liver function and health. For that benefit, Liver Synergy comes with 250mg each of methionine, n-acetyl-l-cysteine, and premium Setria branded glutathione.

Glaxon Liver Synergy Label

Also filling out Glaxon’s latest formula is 100mg of ox bile, 250mg of the hepatoprotective picroliv, 160mg of Siliphos milk thistle, enhanced with phytosome delivery technology, and one more premium component in 20mg of patented LymphaSelect, a yellow melilot extract promoted for its ability to improve circulation.

Glaxon has a talent for taking on specialized categories, combining ingredients that don’t crossover with its other supplements, and comprehensively supporting a primary goal. Liver Synergy is precisely that for complete liver health, backed by several premium ingredients, and it is available at $44.99, although during Goon Day, it’s just $29.24.