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Popular Protein Waffle gets Christmassy in an intriguing X-Mas Edition flavor

Go Fitness Xmas Edition Protein Waffle

It was only a few weeks ago, in the middle of last month, that we posted about a limited edition flavor from Go Fitness for its unique and flagship protein snack, the Protein Waffle. For those that haven’t come across the functional food before, it is, as its name suggests, a soft and smooth waffle that’s also packed full of protein, and the new temporary taste that was just added to its menu is Chocolate Hazelnut.

Go Fitness is back again in the last few months of the year with another flavor extension for its premier protein snack, the Protein Waffle, and the addition to the product’s delicious menu is another limited-time taste. The difference with the brand’s latest effort is that it has a fitting theme to it, as it’s a Christmassy creation named X-Mas Edition featuring what appears to be a mix of caramel biscuit and cinnamon.

We’re only guessing the sort of flavor you get in Go Fitness’ X-Mas Edition Protein Waffle, as we can’t seem to find a description, but on the packaging, which you can see above, there are those two foods. Either way, the product is out now, just in time for Christmas, and with all of Protein Waffle’s typical macros in 10 of protein, reasonable carbohydrates, no added sugar, and a touch above 200 calories.

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