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G Fuel compares its latest flavor to traditional apple pie fresh out of the oven

Grandmas Apple Pie G Fuel

The sour spin-off of Pewdiepie’s Lingonberry flavor collaboration named Sour Pewdiepie isn’t the only new release coming this week from the gaming supplement company G Fuel. The ever-busy brand has announced that to start the week, it is dropping another completely new flavor for its signature energy and focus-supporting product, and it is actually officially launching today over at

A couple of days before the newest Pewdiepie flavor collaboration, Sour Pewdiepie, becomes available, G Fuel is dropping a fresh new taste that hasn’t been put together in partnership with anyone in Grandma’s Apple Pie. While apple pie is certainly a unique taste for a gaming supplement, that is what G Fuel has created, and it promises that sort of experience, comparing it to apple pie fresh out of the oven.

G Fuel’s Grandma’s Apple Pie is, as mentioned, said to be going live on its website at today, where you can purchase the product in the usual tub of 40 servings at $35.99.

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