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Halo Top is driving to major cities and serving up ice cream to lighten up your November

Halo Top Lighten Up

On many occasions, Halo Top has shown how creative it can be, with more than just unique and intriguing products and flavors, but also marketing stunts and campaigns. Recently the brand wanted to help everyone “pumpkin responsibly” this fall by not just releasing a healthier pumpkin spice latte recipe but also parking outside popular coffee shops and swapping calorie-loaded pumpkin spice lattes for its version.

The frozen functional specialist has put together another entertaining campaign, and this time instead of trying to help everyone pumpkin responsibly, it wants to help you “beat the Daylight Saving Time slump”. Halo Top says November is one of the most stressful months of the year due to it getting darker much earlier thanks to Daylight Saving Time, coming into winter it is colder, and your list of things to do is longer.

Firstly, Halo Top is giving away a trip to Rio, Brazil, to escape the dark and cold in the best way possible, and it is a competition that you can actually only enter when the sun is down at Secondly, there is a customized Halo Top truck driving around select cities across the country, including Los Angeles, Nashville, and Miami, featuring a literal beacon of light on top and giving out servings of its light ice cream.

As mentioned, Halo Top is no stranger to creative marketing stunts, and its latest effort is another memorable example, rewarding fans with a massive sun-filled grand prize giveaway and a unique way to experience the brand’s always enjoyable, high-protein, and low-calorie ice cream. Again, the website for the contest is, and you can find the list of stops for the colorful nighttime truck on Facebook.

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