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High-powered pre-workout PreHD Black is back and with a refreshed formula

Hd Muscle Prehd Black

One of the earlier supplements premium brand HD Muscle put together was PreHD Black, separate from its couple of other pre-workouts; the comprehensive and stimulant-backed PreHD Ultra and the caffeine-free and more power-driving PreHD Elite. PreHD Black is the brand’s higher-stimulant offering, featuring a lot less for pumps and performance and a whole lot more for intense energy and focus.

HD Muscle has decided to reformulate and relaunch PreHD Black for 2022, and while the ingredients and dosages are not the same as the original, the direction of the formula and the benefits it leans on are. The brand’s latest version of PreHD Black is as intense as its predecessor with 11 key ingredients, and just three of those are for pumps and performance, including a sizeable 2g of NO3-T arginine nitrate.

Hd Muscle Prehd Black Label

The rest of the ingredients in HD Muscle’s refreshed PreHD Black are there for potent energy and strong focus, and they should have no problem delivering that. You can see the full facts panel for the high-stimulant pre-workout in the image above, including the likes of 300mg of premium enXtra, 2g of tyrosine, and a combined 400mg of caffeine from three sources, one of them being extended-release zumXR.

HD Muscle has made its returning, high-powered, PreHD Black pre-workout available for purchase first directly through its online store at The price of the supplement isn’t all that bad at $39.99, although you need to keep in mind the new PreHD Black has 30 regular or 15 full servings, with those ingredients and dosages mentioned above being what you get from that double serving.