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Up-and-coming Nutrabound now offering absorption-enhanced ioCollagen

Ingredient Optimized ioCollagen

Innovative biotechnology company Ingredient Optimized, responsible for absorption-enhanced ingredients like ioWhey, ioPea, and ioBCAA, has partnered with an up-and-coming manufacturer to expand its offerings. Ingredient Optimized works by altering the structure of ingredients for better absorption, giving the likes of ioWhey the same benefits in 22g of protein as you would get from 30g of protein from standard isolate.

As mentioned, Ingredient Optimized has applied its unique technology to a few familiar sports nutrition ingredients such as whey isolate, pea protein, and BCAAs, and now it’s expanding that with ioCollagen. The company has partnered with the manufacturer Nutrabound to officially launch the ingredient, and like ioWhey and ioPea, it offers a significant increase in absorption compared to regular collagen, to basically get more from less.

Nutrabound is now offering production of finished supplements featuring Ingredient Optimized’s improved and enhanced ioCollagen, and it should have no problem proving extremely successful. Over the past few years, collagen has become a category all on its own, with an incredibly large amount of brands, especially in sports nutrition, rolling out one or more products utilizing the health, wellness, and beauty component.