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Colorful and sweet marshmallow-like flavor arriving for DVST8 BBD tomorrow

Inspired Mallow Dvst8 Bbd

Inspired Nutraceuticals down under in Australia has built out a selection of supplements to rival that of what you get in the reputable brand’s home country of the US. It has several products you won’t find stateside, including the first-ever Inspired beverage in the DVST8 Energy Drink, and different pre-workouts such as DVST8 1AO and the intense DVST8 BBD.

Australia’s DVST8 BBD pre-workout comes in an impressive selection of flavors, well above the usual two or three, with options like Northern Lights, Black Nebula, Laguna Sunrise, and Candy Clouds. Tomorrow, Inspired is adding to the menu of that very supplement with a colorful new creation based on the classic marshmallow candy, and it is, of course, named Mallow.

Inspired’s Mallow flavor of DVST8 BBD won’t be exclusive to anyone and will be showing up in stores and stockists all across Australia and its neighboring country, New Zealand. That should include the brand’s dedicated Australian online store at, where a full-size tub of DVST8 BBD is reasonably priced at $74.99 (49.81 USD)

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