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Newcomer Jet Social confirms pre-workout as the category of its second supplement

Jet Social Previews Rocket Fuel Pre Workout

Jet Social recently went from apparel to sports nutrition with the launch of its first supplement in the hybrid formula, Rocket Hydration. The product brings together all nine EAAs to support muscle recovery and repair at a total of 7.4g per serving, 5g of that being the all-important BCAAs, alongside a blend of electrolytes to support that title benefit of hydration.

The still very new Jet Social is now getting ready to roll out its second supplement, which like Rocket Hydration, will be “Rocket” named and be for a popular sports nutrition category. Up next for the brand is a product called Rocket Fuel, and it is indeed for the space almost every newcomer takes on right out of the gate, with a stimulant-powered pre-workout.

Jet Social hasn’t revealed too much about its upcoming Rocket Fuel pre-workout, just a preview confirming the benefits the formula will support with the usual energy, focus, pumps, and performance. While the brand did only announce Rocket Fuel this week, it is planning on making the supplement available in time for Black Friday, which is two weeks away.