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Nerd Focus designs its energy drink with a more nootropic approach

Nerd Focus Energy Drink

The energy drink or functional beverage space continues to grow week by week, with newcomers coming into the category fresh and fast, many of them with unique and individual approaches to their products. Nerd Focus is a relative newcomer, being on the market for under two years, and it has come to our attention recently, so we’re putting it in the spotlight and introducing it to those that have yet to come across it.

Nerd Focus is more than your traditional energy drink, featuring quite the combination of ingredients and far from the typical blend of caffeine, taurine, and so on. The beverage brings together B vitamins, transparent dosages of ginseng and guarana, a moderate 128mg of caffeine to increase and elevate energy, and finally, a 621mg blend of DMAE, ginkgo, GABA, alpha-GPC, and huperzine to enhance mental focus.

Nerd Focus Energy Drink 1

The Nerd Focus energy drink is built to support energy as well as focus, for whatever your need may be, whether it’s work, study, gaming, day-to-day productivity, or exercise. To make the beverage even more appealing, it comes in two versions, one with sugar and one without. The standard option has a huge 42g of sugar and a total of 170 calories, while the alternative has absolutely no sugar, carbohydrates, or calories.

Nerd Focus is conveniently available from the online giant Amazon, where it is reasonably priced at $26.98 for a case of a dozen 12oz cans. The price is the same for either version, sugar-filled or sugar-free. Alternatively, you can shop through the brand’s own online store for the same price plus a subscription option that can save you 10%, although you obviously don’t get the Amazon Prime shipping benefit.