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No Sugar Co keeps the calories to 10 per serving in its smokey BBQ sauce

No Sugar Company Keto Bbq Sauce

The no-sugar company known for its mostly keto-friendly products, appropriately called the No Sugar Company, has a new innovation out in time for Black Friday. Unlike many sports nutrition and functional food brands, No Sugar Co does not appear to be running anything for Black Friday just yet, although it may be holding off until the day itself.

The latest product from the No Sugar Company is perfectly suited for Thanksgiving, and even more fittingly, it is only available to its fans in the US, not those shopping from its home country of Canada. Keto BBQ Sauce is the brand’s drop for the week of Black Friday, and as per its name, it is an original smoke-flavored BBQ sauce that’s keto-friendly.

A two-tablespoon serving or 30ml of No Sugar Company’s Keto BBQ Sauce has no sugar, fat, or protein, just 3g of carbohydrates, providing an impressively low ten calories. Despite the almost non-existent nutrition profile, the product promises a great smokey flavor, and it’s not that expensive at $9.99 for a large 16oz bottle from the brand’s website.