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Choc and roll in store for fans in Novo Nutrition’s next functional creation

Novo Nutrition Choc And Roll

The widely available and popular Novo Nutrition doesn’t have a wide variety of products on the market, but clearly enough to build a name and solid reputation. The UK-based functional food company’s star snack is the Novo Protein Wafer, but definitely don’t forget its absolutely delicious, moderate protein, and unbelievably KitKat-like Protein Break.

Novo Nutrition has just shared a teaser for its next drop, and while you may not be able to gather it from the image, it is going to be a rare, completely new product from the functional innovator. The teaser includes the words “choc and roll”, and outside of the promise of something entirely new, that is all we have for the upcoming Novo creation.

With so little to go off, we aren’t confident in any sort of guess as to what Novo Nutrition has up its sleeve, although the good news is, we aren’t going to be waiting around all that long. The brand has mentioned it will be revealing the mysterious and undoubtedly enjoyable food item this coming Wednesday, so be sure to tune back in then for details.