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Nutrabound innovation MAX Catalyst provides as much as 116% better bioavailability

Nutrabound Maxed

Nutrabound is a relatively new, emerging, and high-quality supplement manufacturer that is offering something none of its competitors are in its own unique family of premium ingredients. The star component of what is called the MAXed collection is MAX Catalyst, absorption-supporting black pepper extract that has been treated with innovative structure altering technology to further improve and enhance absorption.

MAX Catalyst works by inhibiting a couple of critical processes, giving the body more time to absorb the ingredients it’s paired with, and that is where the rest of Nutrabound’s series of ingredients comes in. As well as MAX Catalyst, the manufacturer offers MAXed Beta-Alanine, promising 116% more bioavailability, MAXed Caffeine and the separate MAXed Caffeine-Gamer, MAXed Citrulline, MAXed Creatine, and MAXed EAAs.

Nutrabound Maxed 1

Each of those components mentioned is the ingredient in its name combined with MAX Catalyst, and it is worth noting it is not the same MAX Catalyst for all of them. The structure altering technology is applied differently to black pepper extract depending on the ingredient it’s paired with. For example, if you have a product with MAXed Citrulline and MAXed Beta-Alanine, you’ll have two different MAX Catalysts, each tailored to enhance absorption specifically for citrulline and beta-alanine.

Nutrabound is utilizing that innovative technology in a truly innovative manner, applying it to all sorts of ingredients and opening them up to many different types of sports nutrition supplements. You can reach out to the manufacturer for more information on MAX Catalyst and its MAXed family of ingredients through its website at and definitely look forward to seeing more of MAXed throughout the industry moving forward.