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NutriFitt joins the growing list of brands with a second pump pre in capsule format

Nutrifitt Carnage Bloodlust Pre Workout

NutriFitt is another sports nutrition brand that has shown some Halloween spirit this year, revealing and releasing something for the annual event with a bit of a Halloween theme. NutriFitt has dropped the completely new pump-enhancing pre-workout Carnage Bloodlust, getting part of its name from the brand’s comprehensive, mainstream stimulant pre-workout, more simply called Carnage.

Carnage Bloodlust is a pill product designed specifically to enhance muscle pumps and it features the likes of CellFlo6 at 300mg, and 254mg of another premium ingredient in VasoDrive-AP. Separate capsule supplements that can go alongside and stack with stimulant and more complete pre-workouts has become something of a trend lately, as there are quite a few brands out there now in that situation.

While Carnage Bloodlust does have a bit of a Halloween-theme to it in the name, look, and even promotional graphics, NutriFitt has assured us this isn’t just for Halloween. While the brand has aligned its launch with the annual event, Bloodlust will be available year-round, so if you’re a fan waiting for your stack to run out before you order, you have plenty of time, as it’s not going anywhere.

Carnage Bloodlust is available first directly through NutriFitt’s online store, where it is the same price as the powder formula Carnage Pump at $44.99, which is a bit less than the original Carnage at $47.99. You also get 20 full servings of Bloodlust in every bottle, so an entire month’s supply if you train five times a week and rest the other two.

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