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Old School Labs massively steps up its game in the pre-workout space with Blast Max

Old School Labs Blast Max

The trend of more advanced, premium pre-workouts has spread to many different companies this year, and now golden-era bodybuilding brand Old School Labs is joining in with Blast Max. The supplement is the next step up from the brand’s already available Vintage Blast, with a loaded formula packing 16.5g of active ingredients, and none of that is from spacious components like creatine and carbohydrate sources.

You can see the full formula powering Old School Labs’ premium pre-workout Blast Max, and as mentioned, it is not short on highlights. The brand has packed it with ingredients to support performance and endurance, improve hydration, enhance muscle pumps, elevate mental focus, and increase energy, for the most advanced pre-workout experience Old School has brought to market.

Driving the pump and performance portion of Old School Labs’ Blast Max is 4g of pure citrulline, and two premium sources of NO3-T nitrates in beta-alanine nitrate and betaine nitrate. Interestingly the brand lists the NO3-T nitrates extremely transparently, showing that you get 3.3g of beta-alanine from the NO3-T and standard beta-alanine, 2.55g of betaine from NO3-T and betaine anhydrous, and a total of 1.075g of nitrates.

Old School Labs Blast Max Label

There are also plenty of ingredients supporting the energy and focus in Blast Max with 2g of tyrosine, Compound Solutions’ dynamic duo of TeaCrine and Dynamine at 110mg and 88mg, respectively, and a blend of cholines weighing just under a gram. Caffeine is in the mix as well, with four different forms combining for 400mg a serving with the likes of Infinergy, Kaff Citrate, anhydrous, and sustained-release VitaShure.

Blast Max is indeed a step up in the highly competitive pre-workout category for Old School Labs, and it is a strong, more advanced, and loaded alternative to its popular original, Vintage Blast. We’re not sure how much the supplement is going to cost when it launches next week, but it will be more than Vintage Blast at $44.99, and in saying that, Blast Max is dropping on Black Friday, so it’s arriving alongside a sale.