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Hybrid brand Predator powers its new fat burner Thermogenix with tetradecylthioacetic acid

Predator Nutrition Thermogenix

Predator Nutrition in the UK is a reputable sports nutrition retailer, and it has its own line of supplements, playing on both sides. The Predator Nutrition brand has all sorts of products available, the latest of which has dropped this past week. The store and brand has introduced Thermogenix, a fat burner that does things a bit differently by not featuring any stimulants to deliver its results.

Predator Nutrition’s Thermogenix comes with only a handful of ingredients, almost none of which are commonly used. Packed into a three-capsule serving of the supplement are 300mg of propionyl-carnitine, 300mg of potassium pyruvate, and 100mg of raspberry ketones. There is also 250mg of salvia miltiorrhiza extract, and, finally, 250mg of tetradecylthioacetic acid, often referred to as TTA.

Altogether, everything in Thermogenix aims to inhibit actual fat gain, shuttle fatty acids more efficiently for fuel, reduce inflammation, optimize blood sugar, and enhance overall weight loss. The combination of ingredients in the Predator Nutrition product is certainly different, and the same thing is to be said about its benefits, although the end goal is much the same as others in the category, and that is to support you along the way through your fat-burning journey.

It’s not often you see tetradecylthioacetic acid or TTA in action in the sports nutrition industry, as very few, or almost no brands make use of it. We did recently see Serious Nutrition Solutions cook something up in that area with TTA-500; however, that is a simple, standalone supplement, whereas Predator Nutrition’s Thermogenix is, as mentioned, advanced and has multiple ingredients.

Predator Nutrition is already stocking its new self-branded Thermogenix in its online store at, and it is relatively expensive for a weight loss product at £48.98 (54.99 USD). It is certainly not often you see a fat burner breach into the $50 world, but that is the case for Themogenix, although it is worth noting you get more than the usual 30 servings in the supplement at 45.