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Flavor number five for Sneak’s energy drink shows up on its website

Raspberry Lemonade Sneak Energy Drink

While we’re not sure exactly when this product became available, but currently, if you head to the website of the UK-based gaming brand Sneak, you’ll find a fresh new flavor of its beverage. Up until this month, the product came in four different options, its original three tastes of Tropikilla, Strawberry Watermelon, and the classic Blue Raspberry, and the later released Purple Storm.

Joining Sneak’s selection of flavors for what is simply referred to as Sneak Energy is another sort of classic taste, along the same lines as Blue Raspberry rather than the others in Raspberry Lemonade. It features the same highlights as the rest of the tastes filling out the beverage’s menu with no sugar, a light five calories per can, and carnitine, choline, and 150mg of caffeine to drive the benefits.

The Raspberry Lemonade flavor of the Sneak Energy drink is said to be sold out at the moment, with no mention of when it’ll return, but it is clearly a new option and will be back at some point. You can sign up to be notified as soon as the product is back in stock and when you’ll be able to pay the beverage’s usual and reasonable price of £19.95 (24.07 USD) for a case of a dozen cans.

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