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Second edition of Splitgate’s Rocket Pop Focus gets an eye-catching holograhic label

Return Of Advancedgg X Splitgate

Around this time last year, gaming brand ADVANCEDgg dropped a special edition collaboration, where it teamed up with the popular first-person shooter Splitgate. The two came together to create a Bomb Pop-inspired flavor named Splitgate Rocket Pop for the brand’s more complex, advanced, and effective gaming supplement, Focus, featuring the likes of NooLVL, choline bitartrate, alpha-GPC, and caffeine.

One year later, ADVANCEDgg is bringing back its Splitgate collaboration Splitgate Rocket Pop, although this time, it’s mixed things up a bit, drastically changing the look of the product and keeping the taste the same. For the second edition of Splitgate’s flavor of Focus, ADVANCEDgg has rebranded it in a new and eye-catching holographic label design, something the render attempts, but doesn’t quite do it justice.

The return of ADVANCEDgg and Splitgate’s Rocket Pop Focus doesn’t end at the refreshed label; it has also arrived direct with a special edition Splitgate Ice Shaker and a collector’s coin. You can grab the supplement and shaker separately; however, to get your hands on the limited coin, you’ll need to purchase the Splitgate Ultimate Bundle, which comes with Rocket Pop Focus, the Ice Shaker, and coin for $70.

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