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Europe takes up all of the nominee spots for Functional Brand Of The Year

Stack3d Functional Brand Of The Year Nominees

Over the next several weeks, we are going to be announcing the nominees and winners of our annual Brand Of The Year Awards, and it all starts today with the nominees for Functional Brand Of The Year. We introduced this category for our awards in 2019 when it was won by the melt-in-your-mouth bar brand Outright, then the Russian company Bombbar took it home the last two years.

The things we look for in our Brand Of The Year Awards are creativity, innovation, effectiveness, and consistency throughout the year, although when it comes to the Functional Brand Of The Year, we get a lot more innovation than any other category. That is reflected in our nominees listed below, and for the first time, all of them are internationals; in fact, they’re all from the continent of Europe.

  • Chiefs
  • Skinny Food Co
  • Bombbar
  • Pandy

Every one of those functional food companies kept things interesting consistently across the year, with each of them having its own standout products and drops. The Skinny Food Co from the UK and Bombbar were the busiest of the bunch, Sweden’s Pandy had some collaborations and revamped its signature candy, and Switzerland’s Chiefs introduced a few things we hadn’t seen from anyone else.

A week from today, we’ll be announcing the nominees from another one of our Brand Of The Year categories until each group has its varying number of nominees announced. We’ll then award the winner of the individual categories, including Newcomer, International, and Energy Drink Brand Of The Year, but ending with the victor of our prestigious overall Brand Of The Year.

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