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Fat burning The Omen from JNX now has a version without stimulants

The Omen Non Stim

JNX Sports, originally Cobra Labs, the maker of the widely available The Curse pre-workout, has grown significantly over the past year, adding several all-new supplements for categories outside of pre-workout. The Omen is the brand’s stimulant-powered weight loss product, and as we move into the last couple of months of the year, JNX has dropped a spin-off of that supplement, offering a separate experience.

Joining JNX Sports’ growing selection of sports nutrition products is The Omen Non-Stim, featuring a similar type of ingredients as the original with the likes of green coffee bean and carnitine, but as per the name, absolutely no stimulants. While there are some similarities between The Omen and The Omen Non-Stim, the brand has said they can be stacked together for even more comprehensive fat-burning support.

JNX Sports has yet to make The Omen Non-Stim available for purchase from what we can see, although with the announcement now out there, fans and followers can probably expect to see it in stores and on shelves sometime shortly.