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Konlan James turns his Grandma’s banana bread into a flavor of protein powder

V1 Nutra Grandmas Chocolate Chip Banana Bread V1 Pro

V1 Pro is the protein powder from the young but growing V1 Nutra, and it does not come in your traditional tastes like chocolate and vanilla. The brand has pumped out flavors like Glazed Cinnamon Roll and Chocolate Cookies & Cream, and its next two are going to be even more unique. V1 Nutra has named a pair of flavors for V1 Pro that’ll be rolling out later this month on none other than Black Friday.

V1 Nutra’s upcoming additions to V1 Pro protein powder are a twist on a seasonal-favorite with Peanut Butter Pumpkin, and the other one is dedicated to the Grandma of the brand’s owner, Konlan James. V1 Nutra has turned Grandma James’ delicious-sounding Chocolate Chip Banana Bread into a flavor of V1 Pro protein powder, featuring a giant, stylized illustration of the creator herself on the tub of the product.

Both flavors will have V1 Nutra’s usual V1 Pro formula, providing 25g of protein per serving from a blend of whey isolate and concentrate, under 2g of fat, 3g or less of carbohydrates, and 120 to 130 calories. To make the experience that little bit more interesting, the Chocolate Chip Banana Bread will have actual cookie pieces throughout the powder, although there won’t be any inclusions in Peanut Butter Pumpkin.

Once again, V1 Nutra is planning to launch both Chocolate Chip Banana Bread and Peanut Butter Pumpkin V1 Pro on Black Friday, which is Friday of next week, over at There will be a collector’s box available as well with a tub of each of the flavors of protein powder, although it’ll be extremely limited, so fans interested in getting their hands on that will need to get in as soon as it all goes live.