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Beverage brand Volt puts together Day Of The Dead Editions of four of its flavors

Volt Day Of The Dead Series

Popular Volt energy drink in Mexico has put out a whole series of special edition cans this year, which have been making their way out to stores over the past couple of months. You can get a glimpse of the products and what they look like in the image above, and they all have the usual Volt beverage features, with moderate caffeine but high nutrition in around 41g of sugar per can for a calorie count of 160.

The handful of alternatively branded cans are a part of Volt’s Day Of The Dead Series, and they are all reskins or limited-time versions of already available flavors. There is Pink Energy, Yellow Energy, Blue Energy, and Dark Energy. Again, these are flavors that were already on the market but have been given an eye-catching, alternative, and Day Of The Dead-themed design for the special edition collection.

As mentioned, Volt’s Day Of The Dead Series is only available for a limited time, and with the annual celebration going down this week, we’re guessing they won’t be available in stores for much longer.

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